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You need an Email Hosting for 5 reasons

Why should your company choose an encrypted cloud?

What is the encrypted cloud?

The encrypted cloud allows companies to protect their sensitive data in a very efficient way. But how exactly does this encrypted cloud process work? When you send your information to the cloud, it is encrypted using a complex algorithm.

This way no one can access it unless they have the unique decryption key. Thus, if your company has sensitive information, such as banking, sensitive or medical data, it will be able to protect them by encryption during their use, transfer, sharing or storage. Even if this data is lost, stolen or accessed by an unauthorized person, the content will make no sense without the decryption key.

What are the benefits of the encrypted cloud?

Better security at a lower price!
Centralised management and deployment of security policies will enable you to reduce the costs and effort associated with securing your data. Setting up an encrypted cloud to store your personal or business information is therefore very important! Have you thought about what might happen if someone with bad intentions manages to access your data?

Comply with the law!

Your data and that of your customers are protected and illegible by an unauthorized person, even in the event of theft. By using a centralized encryption protocol, you will facilitate security audit processes and save valuable time and money! You have understood, investing in an encrypted cloud is one of the good resolutions to adopt for you and/or your company!