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Email & Messaging

Unlimited bandwidth and emails!

Email and Messaging solutions

Technical specs.

Email - Pimhoster
The most complete professional email solution on the market It offers many features, including contact, folder and calendar sharing and email synchronisation across all your devices.


Microsoft Exchange Server
Outlook Web Access Apps
Microsoft SharePoint
Google For Business
Round Cube


Improved collaborative features
New applications
Smart search technology
OWA optimised for touch screen
View old emails offline
Accessible from a Webmail: Outlook WebApp
ActiveSync for total smartphone mobility
Shared calendar
Manage and share tasks
Shared address book
Antivirus and Antispam
Technical and Commercial Support included
Maintenance ensured by Pimhoster
Daily backup

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2012 / 2016

Email and Messaging solutions

Pimhoster is offering hosted e-mail solutions which work with your own domain name. There have been several features designed to improve the collaborative work and streamline the exchange. This is the reason why hosted exchange is widely used among professionals. Pimhoster provides 50 GB storage space on every hosted exchange account which will allow you to store all larger exchanges in the same location. We give you the opportunity to manage your mail server using Outlook, Outlook Web Access or your smartphone – all this thanks to the constant synchronization across your devices.
Pimhoster will ensure that you get started with your e-mail soonest possibly, this independently whether you’re new to exchange account or not. It is essential that exchange is based on a domain name, which does not necessarily have to be managed by Pimhoster. This allows you to keep your existing exchange with another service provider, without losing any data or interrupting the services.

We ensure that configurations and setting are easy to manage via your web control panel with just few clicks. A set of features will allow you to adapt your solutions on daily requirements. You will be easily able to activate and deactivate anti-virus options, allocate accounts and customize your services.
  • Up to 50 GB of storage per account
  • More than 40 features
  • Outlook and OWA webmail
  • Anti-virus/Anti-spam
  • Private SSL
  • Sliding-scale and competitive pricing
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Email migration service

Email everywhere

Your emails everywhere, across all devices

There is an enriched list of features being provided by Microsoft Exchange. Information can be shared rapidly thanks to calendars, contacts, resource managements
Your exchange account can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. All your resources such as e-mails, calendars and contacts are at all times and from everywhere accessible.

You will be at all times, most updated as all your actions are simultaneously synchronized thanks to the exchange ActiveSync.

For those who are constantly traveling or on the go the caching system is revolutionary: it is possible to view all e-mails you have received while being offline.
  • Mobile navigation
  • Exchange ActiveSync
  • View email messages offline

Exchange 2016

Key advantages

The accounts can be created independently and grids can be assigned to each account. Reading mails in offline mode is not the only feature you will benefit from, unlike other e-mail accounts; there are no adverts in exchange.

Pimhoster takes care that you have automatically and at all times the latest updates whenever there is an exchange update. We are supporting you 24/7 are at all times available to support you.

Pimhoster is standing for a world class security. Anti-spam and anti-virus functionalities as well as your data belong to you and are clearly covered by the contract.
  • Independence
  • Updates included
  • Security


Email Pro server

  • 10 Gb per account
  • Domain name integration
  • Webmail
  • IMAP4 / SMTP
  • Anti-virus / anti-spam

Hosted Exchange

  • 50 GB per account
  • Standard Exchange Accounts
  • Mailing list
  • Shared SSL certificate

Private Exchange


Our gratitude goes to our customers. Having the honor working with some of the most creative and influential companies in the world allows us to bring services of the highest possible standards together. It is Pimhoster’s expertise teams, innovative tools and intelligent platforms, which enables Pimhoster to offer hosting solutions of world class quality.