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Support - Pimhoster

With Pimhoster® , join Support 24/7

Small hassle or worry, your support technician has a solution to all your technical problems - Thailand Best Web Hosting Server

Premium concierge support service

We don't provide technical admin panel, you don't have to make any click yourself, you dont need to read any technical documentation. Basically you don't even need to have a computer! We do everything for you by phone, by email or we come to your office. We are now ready to serve you in Bangkok, Thailand with an incredible performance and top security hosting server and wonderful services of 24/7 support. With nearly 20 years hosting experience, Pimhoster is focus on successful sites for web designers, developers, bloggers and online business. Our community and support helps you create a website fast and easy!
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Teenee Property

I have been using Pimhoster for now 2 years and I'm very surprised about their service. They will never tell you to go and read the technical documentation or to do by yourself via the admin panel as other web hosting company is doing. They will do it for you or come to your office to explain. The support service is just amazing. I really recommended you all to choose Pimhoster. They are the best web hosting provider in Thailand as I have ever used.


Does Pimhoster offer unlimited hosting?

Yes, Pimhoster's hosting plans offer an unbelievable options to satisfy your needs with the maximum specification of the server depending on various plans taken.

Why should I choose Pimhoster Hosting?

Pimhoster Hosting has offered an outstanding plans and services. We provide a world class infrastructure and a top notch network so you can avoid costly investments. We have our secret solutions to boost and maintain your website to the maximum server performances. Our hosting plans: Dedicated Servers, VPS and Shared Servers with increasing levels of functionality, allowing you stay ahead of the competition as your business grows.

Can I upgrade my Pimhoster account after purchase?

Yes, you can. Upgrade can be done at any time by contact our Pimhoster’s team. It is free to upgrade and the only charge would be the price difference in the plan you upgrade to.

What kind of after-sales support should I expect from Pimhoster?

Pimhoster provides customer supports via 24×7 phone, live chat and email ticketing system.

What kind of database access and operating system do you provide?

Our shared hosting plans allow for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite access. We do not offer MSSQL or Microsoft Access Database. On the other hands, Our servers currently run CentOS 5.x or CentOS 6.x, depending on the server. Our VPS systems are powered by Virtuozzo with CentOS 6.x.

Can I upgrade my plan at a later stage?

Yes. All accounts can be upgraded. Upgrades will be done within the same business day.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. If the customer is willing to pay by Credit Card, we will send you the Request Amount via Paypal where you can easily fill up your card details and make it done. Moreover, payments by cheque, bank transfer and cash are also accepted.

How long do I need to wait to get my new Pimhoster account working?

Pimhoster hosting accounts are activated automatically after payment is successfully done but, it normally takes 24-48 hours for a domain to fully propagate. However, you can view your site even though your domain’s name servers haven’t propagated by using URL provided from us.

Can I have my own email accounts? And if so, how many email accounts can I create?

Yes, you can have your own email accounts (with your own domain name) with Pimhoster. Furthermore, the web host provides unlimited email accounts. To access your mailbox, you have 2 options which are to read your mail through web based mail client or download the email to your local mail client like Microsoft Outlook.

What more services you are providing?

Rather than Pimhoster, we are pleased to present you the Outstanding Creativity and Innovation Web Agency in Bangkok- Pimclick. A sharp philosophy International recognized taking it personally reliable and cost-effective.

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