Services - Web hosting in Thailand เว็บโฮสติ้งไทย Services - Web hosting in Thailand เว็บโฮสติ้งไทย
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Outsourcing and optimisation of the application layers

There are many ways to change the world.

Starting a business is one of them.

Entrust the outsourcing to Pimhoster, an industry professional who masters the complexity of management of infrastructure and the challenges of type: safety rules, data volume, environmental requirements and optimized budget. Outsourcing is for your company and therefore for your clients, suppliers and collaborators, the best solution for proper operation.
Services - Web hosting in Thailand เว็บโฮสติ้งไทย


  • 24 x 7 on-site support
  • Maintenance and alert
  • Strong and reliable partners
Services - Web hosting in Thailand เว็บโฮสติ้งไทย


  • Charts and statistics
  • Security auditing supervision
  • Interventions
Services - Web hosting in Thailand เว็บโฮสติ้งไทย


  • Audit and Consulting
  • Documentation
  • Load test

Extra services

Web design

Web development



Online Marketing and SEO

An advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to approach direct sales through electronic commerce, and also to sales leads from Web sites or emails. These marketing efforts are generally targeting into Web Site, Email, and Social Media where it enables the company to offer a wide range of products and services in the business field.

Search Engine Oraganization (SEO) acts as the major tool that runs the online marketing by targeting the keywords and description content of each page in the website and analyze the website based on its ranking system.


Graphic design is another major important role to be considered and never miss out while web development is in the process. It includes Corporate Identity, Branding, Packaging, Wireframe, and so on.

The first impression of the user would come from how is an interface look and how simplicity/friendly the website is? Hence, Graphic Design does not bring a good-looking website but also to gain a well-known UX and UI for the business project.


Is your website responsive or adaptive? Is it loading quick enough and is it aligned with your marketing efforts? These factors become our's serious point to be considered. A perfect and high quality websites built from us will definitely be posible to run on every platforms and fast in speeds without lossing its quality or alignment of the contents. Websites that get the most traffic are those where the content is constantly changing, being added to, and improved.

Moreover, a good Web Hosting Server should be perfect and suited your business project. This makes your website to run smoothly and quickly without any interruptions for the user. Pimhoster provides you with the best hosting plans with premium quality and specialize server set up and secret solutions on the server.


Both Web design and Development play the major role in digital marketing strategy. The web development process includes web design, web content development and so on. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design

Pimclick understands how important and fundamental of web design and development is and to meet the requirements of the customer request to accomplish their goals and objectives of the business quickly.


The technology has been moving rapidly fast nowadays. People are more busy using their mobile phones day-by-day. Since, the mobile plays such an important here, then the mobile apps development are directly benefit the businesses in a big way since these transactions, payments, e-commerce, and so on can be done easily by mobile apps. Hence, we are ready to serve you with the best quality of mobile apps development and design (Android/Apple) and become an extension to your customers/users.


iBeacon is a great tool for businesses to enhance customer experiences, generate more revenue, and create brand awareness. iBeacon technology helps to track your location easily with your clients and push the advertisements through your mobile phone as you pass by stores.

Hence, your customers will be awared of the messages/advertisements passing through the system in an effective manner and fast. Pimclick, is providing you the best technology to avoid an obstacles while the communications are being processed.

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