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Virtual Private Server

Fully managed virtual private server

Fully managed virtual private server hosting

Technical specs

Virtual Private Server - Pimhoster
We have differentiated solutions, of which all meet the most stringent requirements. Contact us to get a personalized advice and quote.


1 vCore - 2.4 to 3.1 GHz
2 vCore - 2.4 to 3.1 GHz
4 vCore - 2.4 to 3.1 GHz
8 vCore - 2.4 to 3.1 GHz


10 to 500 GB SSD High Availability (Ceph)


6 to 120 GB RAM

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Virtual Private Server

The virtual private cloud server models are ideal for hosting professional production environments or critical applications. A hardware SLA is just one of the guarantees in place to provide you high availability and stable service right from the word go. With drives that are unique in terms of latency and bandwidth and an underlying infrastructure that offers distributed storage and triple replication, the virtual private cloud server models natively ensure the integrity of your data, without any additional configurations.
A Virtual Private Server is the perfect compromise between a shared hosting plan and a dedicated server. The Virtual Private Server with innovative cloud system range lets you manage your web projects in a server environment that you control in complete autonomy.

The virtual private cloud servers help you to make the gradual transition from a shared hosting plan to having your own virtual server autonomously. Depending on the growth of your applications and the level of autonomy you want, you can develop your business at unbeatable value for money with the VPS range.

The Virtual Private cloud Server is an ideal compromise between the freedom of a dedicated server and the flexibility of virtualisation.

This freedom to manage your services enables you to install the operating system of your choice or to choose from any of our LAMP, CMS or e-commerce pre-installed solutions.
  • Native high availability
  • Add disk space without having to upgrade your Private Cloud Server
  • Scale up your CPU and RAM at any time
  • Up to 16 IPs and 13 possible geolocations to better isolate and protect your websites
  • 90 systems and applications available including Linux and Windows server Licence
  • Joomla or Wordpress ready to use
  • Automatic backup and snapshot

Guaranteed Bandwidth

Performance and scalability

Our Virtual Private Server ensure a net increase in performance compare to our competitors: up to 75% more signs/sec in OpenSSL, 100% improvement of PHP performance and up to 3 times more NGINX req/sec. Likewise, our tests show that our SSD and NVMe drives produce more IOPS, no matter the size of the block.
Enjoy the huge added value of our network services. Distribute your traffic with the Load Balancing IP, ensure the continuity of your business operations with the Failover IP, and the fluidity and visibility of your website with the geolocated IP. These services will ensure that your Virtual Private Server is always in the right place, at the right time.

Protecting your data is a major concern for us. Pimhoster simplifies data backup management on your virtual private cloud server thanks to snapshots and multiprotocol backups.

Make your life easier: don't worry about that now! We know that your needs change, so we've chosen to support your projects over the long term. You won't necessarily need the same resources (RAM, drives, etc.) in the future as you do today. This is why our virtual private servers are scalable and can be upgraded quickly. You can scale up your server and upgrade to a more advanced plan, or even to a more advanced range, at any time and in just a few clicks.
  • Solutions built, tested and optimised for web use
  • An infrastructure that guarantees performance and high availability
  • Exclusive fully managed services included in all our plans

We pilot the security and risks management models

Backup strategy

Many questions will need answers when you choose your backup strategy: full or differential, incremental or decremental, block mode or deduplication. They will all make your decision harder when the time comes to deploy a backup solution but it must be done to protect the data on your server.

Pimhoster's automated backup makes it all easier. In concrete terms, a backup of your server is planned daily, exported and then replicated 3 times. You can easily call us 24/7 to restore any backup you want.

You can drop your files to or retrieve them from a dedicated disk space by using the following protocols: FTP, NFS and CIFS, which can be used for file transfer on any operating system. This way, you can protect your data in case of a service interruption.

An efficient and affordable backup strategy consisting of creating a snapshot of your virtual machine. Contrary to a full backup, you don't need to lock your data to prevent modification during the process. You will always have access to a reliable restoration point by asking to our team. The snapshot allows you to keep an image of your machine or to create an incremental copy on top of a full backup copy
  • Fully developed by Pimhoster for a better operational flow
  • Backup methods suitable for any data protection strategy
  • Secure your data on our highly available storage infrastructures
  • Daily automatic backup
  • Auto externalisation backup
  • Snapshot backup

Ceph : high availability

Securing your data is paramount and this is why we use a data storage and redundancy technology called Ceph.

Thanks to a semi-random algorithm used for the distribution of storage blocks inside one or several clusters of physical hard drives, data is never stored within a single critical point thus ensuring the sustainability of the storage solution even if several storage units may require some hardware maintenance. Access to your data is thereby guaranteed and so is its integrity.

Highly secure thanks to a triple data redundancy within our infrastructures, additional disks can be activated on demand and will allow for progressive scalability.
  • I/O guaranteed (200 IOPS guaranteed)
  • Triple replication
  • 100% file durability
  • Attach to an instance in few seconds
  • Auto externalisation backup
  • Snapshot backup



  • Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6
  • Scalable ressources
  • Bandwidth 100 Mbps
  • Unlimited trafic

Fully Managed

  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • L3 support in English and Thai
  • Uptime monitoring and alert



Our gratitude goes to our customers. Having the honor working with some of the most creative and influential companies in the world allows us to bring services of the highest possible standards together. It is Pimhoster’s expertise teams, innovative tools and intelligent hosting platforms, which enables Pimhoster to offer hosting solutions of world class quality.