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Technical specs.

The quality of the Pimhoster network and infrastructure guarantees you high availability and security.


IP load balancing server
IP failover
CDN cache
Domain name service
SSL Gateway
Security Audit
Server Security Optimisation
VPN service
Linux Server Management
Windows Server Management
Web server optimisation
Docker integration
Virtual Private Rack
MySQL security

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Add High availability to your infrastructure

The Load Balancing IP is an IP address carried by the Pimhoster network, which spreads traffic load across the IPs of your Pimhoster services hosted in our data center. It ensures performance improvement and optimize response times.
Manage your traffic on your servers thanks to Pimhoster Load Balancing service. In the Pimhoster API you are able to declare an IT to handle a part of your traffic and adequately remove a service from your resource pool in just a couples of minutes, constantly and at all times.


SSL Certificate

We are considering SSL Gateway as your new comprehensive security solution.
The Let’s Encrypt certificate is our SSL solution which allows you to enable HTTPS and our L4 anti-DDoS protection. If your needs imply a more advanced solution you have the option of an EV certificate (Extended Validation certificate enabling the green address bar) and dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with a custom reverse DNS. Alternatively, choose to speed up your website with our CDN or increase your protection through our L7 anti-DDoS solution.

2004 / 2008

Content Cache Delivery system

CDN (Content Delivery Network) consists of a group of locations around the world (80 Pimhoster points of presence), which redistribute your server content locally and cache files that don't need to be updated regularly, using rules set by you. Latest innovations and the Pimhoster infrastructure are supporting this basic principle which will allow you to boost and optimize your international websites. 

If you want to reach users from all around the world, using the CDN will be essential for you.

The CDN has the advantage of speeding up page loading times (response time) which delivers an improved user comfort, secures your data, improves SEO and reduces your bandwidth in each target country. This especially applies if the international targets matter to you or your clientele.

From the moment you or your customer stream any content internationally your ROI (Return On Investment) can be very short.

IP failover

With a dedicated server with Pimhoster you can get failover IP’s to host your projects, SSL certificates, etc. Thanks to the failover IP you can enjoy uninterrupted hosting solutions as the IP can be switched from one server to another within just a few seconds. Overcome with this sustainable solution any hardware failure, system overruns and all kinds of infrastructure problems. To fully use the potential and benefits of the failover IP, your hosting solutions must be configured with the failover IP.

Switching the failover IP from one server to another means keeping the entire configuration linked to that failover IP. Copy your projects and configure the files from one server to the other while the data and configurations remain the same since the configuration files are linked to the failover IP. In details this means all features continue working unchanged and it is not necessary to configure all your projects with your new server’s static IP.


It is highly recommended to protect yourself with the Cisco ASA firewall against attempts of interruption. Guaranteed easy to manage: configure your filtering rules from a secure online graphical interface which is accessible with a JACA client. Important to consider is that it is impossible to relocate a firewall from a dedicated server to a Virtual Rack. In that case it would be necessary to cancel your equipment and pay the setup fees for a new firewall.

The Cisco ASA firewall is providing a physical firewall dedicated to the protection of your server. Pimhoster will conduct and activate this equipment for you. It is impossible to disable the Cisco ASA by human error or malware. This is one of the reasons to consider the Cisco ASA more powerful than a software firewall. The level of resources which are available on your dedicated server are irrelevant for the protection: this remains always the same.

Domain name service

Pimhoster has been a domain name registered since 2005 and supports more than 1000 domain names. Decide to register your domain with Pimhoster and benefit from a rapid implementation and services based on full trust. Pimhoster will be giving you all the services you need to make your digital performance a full success as we are the Best Web Hosting services in Bangkok, Thailand.

Purchase the domain and once the DNS has fully propagated, you will be able to start using your domain name. Having our own Control Panel will make you benefit Once you've purchased it and the DNS has fully propagated, you will be able to start using your domain name. Having our own Control Panel and configuring the settings will make you benefit from it.

Improve your trustworthiness and credibility by choosing an appropriate domain name which can might also benefit for your online business and SEO. A well-chosen domain name can not only improve your credibility, it can also have a positive impact on your online business and SEO. Your domain name is standing for the ideologies and philosophies of your business and is functioning as a communication tool: therefore be as creative as possible.

Pimhoster will help you to find an adequate domain name by offering a huge range of extensions and services.



  • IP load balancing
  • IP Failover
  • Virtual Private Rack
  • Advance DNS System



  • Domain name assistance
  • Security audit
  • L3 server management


Our gratitude goes to our customers. Having the honor working with some of the most creative and influential companies in the world allows us to bring services of the highest possible standards together. It is Pimhoster’s expertise teams, innovative tools and intelligent platforms, which enables Pimhoster to offer hosting solutions of world class quality.