Shared Server - Web hosting in Bangkok (Thailand) เว็บโฮสติ้งไทย Shared Server - Web hosting in Bangkok (Thailand) เว็บโฮสติ้งไทย
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Shared hosting server

Fully managed shared server in Bangkok (Thailand)

Fully managed shared hosting server

Technical specs

Shared Web Hosting Server - Pimhoster
We have differentiated solutions, of which all meet the most stringent requirements. Contact us to get a personalized advice and quote.

Domain name

1 free domain name
Unlimited sub domain
Unlimited domain aliases
Multi Domain management
Multi FTP per domain

Open Source application available



HTML, CSS, Javascript


High security/snapshots
High availability
Detailed statistics
IP Geolocation
Task scheduler
Mod Security 2.5.12
Web Explorer/FTP
Secure FTP
SSH access
Subversion Manager (svn)
Shared SSL certificate


Unlimited email account
5 GB storage per email account
Max email size : 100 MB
Mailing List
Unlimited Email re-direction
Unlimited Email Alias
Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection
Webmail access
Auto-Reply Email
SMTP server

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Easy, Fast and Flexible

Shared Hosting Server

Having a team constantly researching and innovating to develop world class technologies will make our clients vantage from an exceptional web performance. We offer consolidated packages and manage all services for you, such as web hosting, domain names and e-mails.
Pimhoster will help you to get your web projects running on highest standards: our expert team of consultants and developers has the ideal solutions for beginners and webmasters. It is Pimhoster’s longstanding expertise and the individual approach, making us the provider of choice.

We are inviting you to benefit from our Shared Web Hosting which makes it incredibly simple to get started on the web. Shared Web Hosting suggests an all- inclusive range of the essential services, at the best price.

It is up to your choice to install any desired operating system or to choose from any of our LAMP, CMS or e-commerce pre-installed solutions. Performance and
  • Free domain name
  • DNS propagation boost
  • Cache Network Delivery in 17 points
  • Shared Firewall and Anti-DDoS
  • Multi website hosting support
  • Joomla or Wordpress ready to use
  • Automatic backup
  • Unlimited trafic

Web hosting built for technical websites

Performance and flexibility

Upgrade and adapt your plan to adequate all your needs and achieve a more advanced level for an additional monthly cost. The flexibility of a shared hosting server enables you to adapt your requirements without permanently boosting up your bill.
Pimhoster’s shared hosting plan is flexible, as based on cloud infrastructure. This guarantees you to temporarily or permanently access additional resources, which can be effortlessly adjusted to your requirements.

This option brings the comfort to not to pay for the new plan for an additional 12 months. Instead, you can easily upgrade to an advanced level by paying an additional amount every month on top of your current offer.

It is not only about saving money, but more about the customized flexibility you are being offered: you are able to upgrade or downgrade your performance plan without renewing or reentering any long-term contracts.
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Manage your load peaks
  • SSL certificate to Secure the connection between visitors and your website

We pilot the security and risks management models

Private MySQL server

Create with the MySQL options new databases with the shared hosting plans. Boundless opportunities of configuration are being offered in the bundle of the private hosting, which lets you create as many databases as you require. Those can be easily scaled on demand and according to your website growth.
  • Servers are 100% managed by Pimhoster
  • PhpMyAdmin to manage your databases
  • Backup your databases by our team support

Content Delivery Network

Optimize your website and application performance with Pimhoster’s Content Delivery Network. The CDN is placed between your hosting systems (within Pimhoster) and your visitors all over the world. Upon visitor’s requests the content is being distributed in record timing, which makes your sites run incredibly fast.

The CDN is accepting any kind of material such as videos, HD photos, music, animations, and other types of media.

It is the CDN which allows your site visitors to download the content in world class times. The files requested can be delivered fast and easy over the internet which means that for example streaming is becoming faster and easier than ever.
  • Reduced response time for all your sites
  • Improved user experience
  • Faster loading, more multimedia and richer content



  • Free domain name
  • Multi website hosting
  • Unlimited trafic

Fully Managed

  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • L3 support in English and Thai
  • Uptime monitoring and alert



Our gratitude goes to our customers. Having the honor working with some of the most creative and influential companies in the world allows us to bring services of the highest possible standards together. It is Pimhoster’s expertise teams, innovative tools and intelligent hosting platforms, which enables Pimhoster to offer hosting solutions of world class quality.