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How to choose a web hosting

How to choose a web hosting

When you want to start a website, you have to think about your hosting. In order to provide the best website for your client, it is important to have a quality infrastructure. Sometime, people don’t really think about it. No worries, after reading this article you will able to choose the right web hosting for you website.

Here are some priority points:

1-Your traffic forecast per day
2- High traffic forecast according to special event
3- Data protection
4- Technical support if needed
5- Hosting speciality
6-Your monthly budget

According to your future website specificities, new criteria can be add.

Then you have to choose what type of hosting you need, I splitted into 4 main different categories:

- Shared web server: the server is shared with other companies. It is not hosting only your website but monthly fees are very low.
- Dedicated web server: the server is dedicated only for your use. Monthly fees are usually expensive.
- Cloud hosting: it is hundreds of individual servers working together, it looks like one giant server. Monthly fees are quite reasonable.
- Virtual private server (VPS): it is your personal web hosting.

In addition, all web hosting companies propose other services such as:

- Tracking service
- Technical support
- Advice service

Last points you have to take in consideration can influence your decision making:

- the web hosting reputation: one of the best way to measure this is to look if the web hosting company have a real time monitoring of servers or a reporting center.
- The ability website optimization of creators of the website: it is necessary to ask for an performance audit of the website or performances indicators.

Now, you know a little bit how web hosting companies work. You have to always keep in mind your need and choose the best web hosting according to your website.

If you need more information about web hosting or if you need a web hosting for your website, feel free to contact us we will be happy to help you!