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Here’s why your website needs HTTPS

HTTP is the acronym for HyperText Transfer Protocol. This is the protocol underlying the world wide web (www) and it defines the way information should be formatted and transmitted, and also defines how your browser should answer to specific requests. HTTPS is simply the secure version of HTTP, and ensures that all communications between you and the website you are visiting are encrypted.

Nowadays, HTTPS has become an important aspect of the web. First of all, it enhances your search engine rankings by showing algorithms that your site is reliable and secure. Secondly, it also creates trust between your website visitors and you website, as they know that any information they are transmitting is encrypted and cannot be stolen while transferred. Or at least, if it is stolen, it will be much harder to read as decrypting is a time-consuming and often complicated process.

Starting next month, July 2018, the Chrome browser has announced that it will notify all users that HTTP websites are not secure. Therefore, when landing on an HTTP page, they will immediately receive a notification informing them that any information sent between them and the website is not encrypted. This will result in a damaged trust relationship between users and websites, and will greatly impact their relationship with your business.

If your website currently uses an http protocol, we advise you to switch to an https protocol to guarantee Chrome users will continue trusting your website. Here at Pimhoster, all of our hosting solutions come with the https protocol. To do so, we provide SSL certificates (secure sockets layer) to ensure data encryption between website visitors and the websites themselves.

Feel free to contact us if you need any help switching protocols, or if you would like to change hosting solutions. We’d be glad to guide you and help you choose what’s right for you.