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Cloud and shared server: what to choose?

Cloud and shared server: what to choose?

Nowadays, several types of web hosting are offered. It is sometimes difficult to define which one we should choose. However, two types of hosting are currently the most common: cloud hosting and shared hosting.

The basics of cloud hosting and shared hosting

Cloud hosting is the latest type of hosting. Instead of being located on a physical server, your website is hosted on a server located on the cloud, that is a server who is not real. Cloud hosting uses multiple physical servers.
Shared hosting is hosting on a single real server. But this server is shared between several websites

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting offers three key advantages: reliability, performance and security. The main advantage is that a cloud guarantees a high level of reliability for your site. Indeed, in case of hardware problems with one of the real machines that make up the cloud server, your website can be rebuilt and migrated to another in record time. It also allows higher performance, especially in terms of page loading time.

Advantages of shared hosting

It is obvious that the main attraction of shared hosting is its low cost. Since several sites are shared on the same server, costs are distributed. This makes it the most affordable hosting option.

What to choose between the two?

If you have a site that receives a high volume of traffic and your visitors expect a performing site that loads quickly and works correctly, you need to turn to cloud hosting.

If you are a small business or an individual with minimal needs, who does not anticipate a high volume of traffic traffic you can opt for shared hosting. This is the ideal choice if you only want to allocate a small budget. Contact us for furthermore informations.